Judges’ Special Honours

Judges’ Special Honours are presented to one or more entries that the judges wish to recognise for qualities that fall outside the other categories.

Judges’ special honour for the promotion of research through nursing

Roxanne Crosby-Nwaobi
Head of research nursing
Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

A registered nurse, Roxanne is head of research nursing at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Honouree - Roxanne Crosby-Nwaobi - Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Roxanne is passionate about raising the profile of research conducted by nurses. She maximises every opportunity to encourage nurses to investigate clinical questions in a robust and systematic manner and foster research and audit collaborations between the medical and nursing teams.

To achieve this goal, Roxanne established the Research Link Nurses programme, equipping nurses within every speciality with research governance and consent training, started a monthly journal club, obtained academic funding and provided mentoring to other team members.

Testament to her contribution is the marked increase in the research capability/capacity and evidence-based practice of the Trust-wide nursing team, resulting in better care for patients as practice is underpinned by evidence, unsafe practices are challenged and research options are offered where applicable. Her team has seen an increase in requests for collaborations and secondments and nurses report increased confidence/competence.

Roxanne has peer-reviewed publications and several oral and poster presentations at national and international conferences and recently obtained a Florence Nightingale Foundation Leadership scholarship. She has several projects in the pipeline, including a nationwide ophthalmology research and audit nursing network to increase the research capability and capacity among nurses.

Why this was chosen

“Roxanne is a very talented nurse, deserving recognition for her role in promoting research through nursing, a field that has been heavily doctor-led. Roxanne has not only had a significant impact in R&D, she is also a positive example for her team, encouraging other nurses into the field of research.”

Judges’ special honour for improving the patient experience

Daniel Smith
Ophthalmic technician
Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Daniel joined Moorfields Eye Hospital as a health care assistant (HCA) in 2009. He undertook his work with a cheerful attitude, striving to listen to the elderly patients who visited the clinic and understand their needs, and for this he was awarded the Best Worker of the Month barely six months after joining the Trust. He studied Counselling and Counselling Skills at the University of London while working as an HCA and this enhanced his ability to support elderly patients.

Honouree - Daniel Smith - Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Daniel then trained for his current role as an ophthalmic technician, where he still aims to bring a smile to everyone who attends their appointment. He combines his technical skills with patience and clear communication to effectively deliver healthcare services at the Retina Therapy Unit. Daniel’s caring personality and positive attitude allow him to provide emotional support to patients who require it, particularly first-time patients. Daniel undertakes his work with a beaming smile that makes his patients feel at ease. His efforts to ensure patients have a positive experience in the clinic and to make an impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals are noticed by all.

Why this was chosen

“Daniel is a dynamic and enthusiastic allied healthcare professional, deserving recognition for his contribution in improving the patient experience.”

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