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    The 2018/19 results were announced at the Ophthalmology Honours presentation on Thursday 7th March 2019 at BMA House, London. Read more

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About the programme

Welcome to Bayer’s Ophthalmology Honours. This programme recognises the outstanding work being carried out by individuals and multi-disciplinary teams in ophthalmology throughout the UK. The programme encourages the sharing of best practice and innovation to improve patient care. The Honours identify exceptional initiatives that demonstrate clinical excellence in ophthalmology, and recognise outstanding individuals who improve the quality of care and experience of patients.

Although funded and facilitated by Bayer, the programme is judged by a multi-disciplinary panel of experts in ophthalmology care and the decision-making process is wholly independent of Bayer.

For a full list of the 2018/19 shortlisted entries, visit our results page.

Mission statement:

As a leader in medical retina, the Ophthalmology Honours reflect the mission of Bayer to support science for better lives and to enhance patient care and experience by facilitating best practice sharing within the ophthalmology community.

This programme demonstrates Bayer’s commitment to transforming lives by supporting the implementation of multi-disciplinary and innovative working in the NHS, resulting in tangible benefits for patients and advancements in ophthalmology care.

Ophthalmology Honours supporters in 2018/19

Who can enter?

Entry is open to anyone working in the field of ophthalmology in the UK. Submissions and / or nominations are welcome from healthcare professionals, non-clinical staff, charities, patient associations, volunteers, patients, etc.*

This programme solely recognises work performed by/for the NHS. Private bodies are still eligible to apply, however, the project submitted must have been of benefit to the NHS and the patients under its care.

The expert panel is looking for entries that demonstrate, for example:

  • Clearly identified aims, objectives and evidence of outcomes
  • Delivery of an outstanding service supporting patients
  • An improvement in patient care
  • An improvement in patient experience
  • Potential for uptake by other areas / organisations
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Patient stories demonstrating the benefit delivered
  • Provision of a model for good practice

There are no set timeframes that initiatives must fall between to be eligible for entry. Prior to review by the expert panel, entries are anonymised to ensure impartiality.

*The Ophthalmology Honours are designed to recognise excellence within the ophthalmology community. Pharmaceutical company entries will not be accepted.
When were the Ophthalmology Honours presented?

The 2018/19 results were announced at the Ophthalmology Honours presentation on Thursday 7th March 2019 at BMA House, London. The event was an opportunity to share best practices and initiatives that demonstrated clinical excellence in ophthalmology and improved patient care.

What does it mean to be recognised at the Ophthalmology Honours?

Not enough recognition is given to those delivering excellent ophthalmology care. Having initiatives recognised by the expert panel is a way of highlighting the outstanding work being carried out and the efforts being made to advance patient care and improve the patient experience at your centre.

How is personal data handled?

Bayer plc is the data controller of any personal data that is provided for the purposes of entering the Ophthalmology Honours programme (e.g. name, organisation, title, contact details). Health Unlimited Limited is engaged by Bayer to organise the Ophthalmology Honours programme. The personal data provided is used for the purpose of facilitating the review of the entries by the panel, notifying entrants of the outcome of their submission, and organising the Ophthalmology Honours presentation. For more information on how Bayer holds personal data, please see our privacy policy.

“The Ophthalmology Honours gave me the opportunity to meet other teams and learn about the excellent work they do. I feel truly blessed as a volunteer to be working alongside Consultants, Doctors, our ECLO, Nurses and all our support staff, who are my heroes. I will continue for as many years as possible and thank you for recognising the effort I put into my role, which I thoroughly enjoy.”

Mary Fletcher, Volunteer, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
Ophthalmology Unsung Hero – Highly commended